Are Your Ready To Blaze A Trail in 2023?

How is the winter treating you? – I can’t believe it’s almost 4 months since we had the TAME TO TRAILBLAZER MASTERCLASS – Since then I have seen the difference it’s made to the women who took part.

Natalie one of the women who attended had done fantastically well in getting promotion to a Director role where she worked but after constant battling with ‘naysayers’, covid 19 disruptions and other people taking credit for her ideas .. She had started to question herself and her own skills as a leader. 

She was over working to prove them wrong and yet still feeling she wasn’t doing a good job, constantly comparing herself to other leaders. She felt ‘stuck’, unable to tell anyone about how she felt and unsure whether she was leadership material at all (despite actually having the job!). Far from being the Talented Ambitious women who was promoted into the role – she was becoming a shadow of herself…much tamer, much quieter and more stressed in her work. She heard about the Tame to Trailbazer Masterclass via Twitter and attended – Afterwards she said it was like a ‘light at the end of the tunnel” – she could see a way to reclaim her confidence and regain control of her life and leadership self. We worked together following the session and 3 months later she is back to her fabulous, confident self – She feels she has reclaimed her Leadership mojo and knows she can deliver trailblazing outcomes in her work.

How Will You Be Changed?

It’s now the last days of December and as we reach the end of the year I wanted to see how YOU are doing? 

Now Is a good time to think about how you want to go into the new year….will 2023 see you making a change?..or will YOU be STILL PLAYING TAME??

I am ready help you gain a headstart into the New Year. I will running a 4 hour online TAME TO TRAILBLAZER Masterclass again in the New Year – sharing 3 powerful pathways towards ditching imposter syndrome, worrying about whether you are ‘good enough’ and instead begin to “Blaze a Trail” showcasing the talented leader you are!

There will also be a VIP offer for those of you who are ready to take the next step and create a game changing roadmap for 2023 to apply some of the key aspects of the pathways discussed in the TAME TO TRAILBLAZER Masterclass – so you can get ‘unstuck’ and blaze a trail in 2023.

The Masterclass will run on 27th January 2023 from 9.30-13.30 (online)

If you wish to secure a place email me at and I will send you details of the standard and VIP offer.

Places must be booked by 14th January 2023.

So if you are STILL stuck where you were this time last year #leaders PLAYING TAME ….I look forward to seeing you at the Masterclass!