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“Lift As You Climb”​

At Laura Serrant Limited we are Leadership Development and Inclusive Practice Specialists.

Our aim is to help organisations and individuals meet their corporate and social responsibilities by optimising inclusive practice to improve their business impact, attract and retain talented leaders, optimise client experiences and get the best from their employees.

A key area of our work with organisations is helping you to address the challenges of attracting, retaining or developing your workforce of talented, diverse leaders to drive your business ambitions. For individuals the focus is often on career advancement, developing personal approaches to leadership and moving from operational to strategic roles.

We provide coaching, training, speaking and consultancy services in the UK and overseas. Our services are informed by over 40 years’ experience of working in corporate, education, healthcare and policy organisations, nationally and internationally.

Our work is underpinned by our unique, research based business model developed by our founder Professor Laura Serrant OBE.

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