#SilenceSpeaks Business Model

#Silence Speaks Business Model

The #SilenceSpeaks Business Model

A process for liberating the silence in the voices of the unheard

#SilenceSpeaks Business Model

The #SilenceSpeaks Business model is designed to support organisations and executives meet their corporate and social responsibilities around EDI.

The #SilenceSpeaks business model is based on The Silences Framework which was devised to inform research projects. I have adapted it into the #SilenceSpeaks business model for use within the broader Global Diversity, Equality and Inclusion arena. 

The #SilenceSpeaks business model works by supporting you to identify, locate and explore how ‘silences’ within your current business or personal practice are impacting on your success: Helping you to expose the opportunities and challenges which can be addressed to shape, influence and inform your ability to act to optimise your performance and success in this arena by optimising equity, maximising self agency and advancing inclusive practice. 

How the #SilenceSpeaks business model can help you

Applying the 4-stage #SilenceSpeaks Business model within your existing organisation or personal development plan will help you to achieve your EDI goals by

1. Improving your business EDI impact

2. Positively impacting your Brand 

3. Optimising your client experiences  

4. Getting the best from your most valuable asset – your employees.

"The Silences Framework: Helping us engage and involve people from the margins"

The Silences Framework

The #SilenceSpeaks business model is based on the theoretical model “the Silences Framework”. The Silences Framework is a 4-stage methodology designed to guide investigation of sensitive issues with marginalised groups. It has been used extensively in research projects in health, social care and public health – enabling researchers to work inclusively with marginalised communities on a range of very ‘sensitive’ subjects including HIV/AIDS, living with stigma, offender health and post trauma recovery.

I began to develop ‘The Silences Framework’ following completion of my PhD in 2004.  It took 6 years to complete and was finally published in 2010. It is built around a concept called ‘Screaming silences’ (or ‘Silences’). ‘Silences’ reflect the unsaid or unshared aspects of how beliefs, values and experiences of (or about) some groups affect their health and life chances. The Silences Framework provides a tried and tested strategy for exploring or ‘tapping into’ the experiences of individuals and groups that are rarely included in research, little understood or considered by mainstream media and as a result ‘silenced’. 

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The process for liberating the silence in the voices of the unheard