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Our stories within are our power

When others speak for us, at best our stories are miss-told,

and at worst we are rendered silent

Intentions…not Resolutions: Tapping into the power of ‘thinking forward’Sick and Tired: Black Women and Health

The beginning of the year is traditionally a time when we think about the year ahead – possibly starting with resolutions – promises we make to ourselves in January of the changes we will make…and mainly what we will stop doing.

As I sit here at the end of February, two things come to mind; one is how we got to the end of the second month of 2022 so quickly and the second is about my year ahead.

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Sick and Tired: Black Women and Health

As human beings we all experience life differently. In 1964, Fanny Lou Hamer, an African–American civil rights activist (1917-1978) wrote, ‘All my life I have been sick and tired. Now...

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