From Tame to Trailblazer

Leadership Accelerator Programme

Stop playing Tame!

Achieve your ambitions, build respect and showcase your talents as leader with your own personal blueprint for delivering trailblazing results.


Rise to become the confident resilient leader that is respected throughout your organisation and beyond freeing powerful trailblazing results

Built on the 3 key pathways of tame to trailblazer masterclass

Craft a powerful, purpose-driven focus for your leadership so that you reconnect with the talented ambitious woman that you are SO YOU CAN BE YOU

Create your armoury of resources and options to optimise your resilience so you can quickly and confidently deal with any obstacles preventing you from achieving your ambition SO YOU CAN BE HUMAN

Create your own personal delivery BLUEPRINT which spotlights your unique talents/offer and platform from which to deliver outstanding results to the business SO YOU CAN BE PURPOSEFUL AND CONSISTENT

"Laura has made what is, and should rightly be, a very challenging learning journey into an enjoyable and very productive process. She is fully committed to and excels in this role. Her structured but flexible approach provides the perfect balance between challenge and support, which has enabled me to maximise progress without exerting unmanageable pressure. Her calm, realistic and solution focused approach has helped me to successfully navigate a range of difficulties"
Coaching Client

#1 Group Intensive Online Development Sessions
(Value £9,997)

Craft your powerful personal focus for your leadership and create your own personal delivery blueprint so you no longer play ‘Tame’ reconnect with and spotlight your unique talents towards delivering outstanding results.

#2 “Tame-makers” Breakthrough Sessions
(Value £4,997)

Root out the hidden ‘Gremlins’ and failure fears that are keeping you stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. These sessions will reconnect you with your strengths, own sense of self and build your armoury of resources so you can effectively deal with any obstacles standing in your way

#3 Trailblazer Success Mastermind Secrets Sessions
(Value £9,997)

Bi weekly meetings with Laura providing you with space to get feedback on your blueprint development, progress with challenges so you maintain focus and momentum towards your ambitions

#4 Recordings of all group sessions
(Value £3,997)

Craft your powerful personal focus for your leadership by creating your own personal delivery blueprint so you no longer play ‘Tame’, reconnecting with and spotlighting your unique talents towards delivering outstanding results.

#5 Membership of exclusive group WhatsApp
(Value £997)

Membership of exclusive group WhatsApp for all members so you always have a place to celebrate successes, provide peer support, answer ongoing concerns and access to additional opportunities that will spearhead your trailblazer ambitions

#6 Membership of Private Facebook Group
(Value £997)

Membership of Private group Facebook page for wider peer support and learning.

#7 Bonus - Free invitation to all my paid webinars and online events

Free invitation to all my paid webinars and online events for 6 months so you can diversify your own knowledge and expand your network of possibilities for yourself and your team/organisation.

Value Over £34,000

Total cost TODAY for the Tame to Trailblazer programme

Stop playing Tame!

Laura’s experience, knowledge and passion for liberating the silence in the voices of the unheard demonstrates the impact not just on the individuals themselves but also the impact and benefit for communities, businesses, institutions and wider society. We highly recommend Laura because her words inspire practical on the ground real change from a simple starting point of opening up space to listen to ourselves and others.
Sara J. Sanderson
Co-founder, When Women Speak Global Network CIC

For the First 5 to Enrol:

*Exclusive private monthly coaching sessions with me for first 3 months to help you deal with those immediate concerns or existing problems at the start of your trailblazer journey (Value £4,997)

*Personal 121 breakthrough mentoring support from me via WhatsApp for first 3 months – for those time sensitive questions that just can’t wait or to sense check ideas (Value £4,447)

Total individual value is £34,997

But for the first 5 is £8447 saving £2000

“Thank you so much I had a fantastic time and left feeling like my soul had been refreshed….at times it is really important to stop and remember why we do what we do, to regroup and reflect. So thank you very much for that”
"By the Power of the Great, Great Silence, Professor Laura has been able to to move deep into the sensitivity and intuitive side of life to connect deeply with what matters most. Laura’s experience, knowledge and passion for helping executives and organisations 'tap into' the silences in their work using her business model impacts not just on the experiences of clients and staff but also benefits businesses and organisational efforts to act, rather than gesturing empty words on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate and Social Responsibility agendas. I welcome Professor Laura's contribution in this space where action needs to speak louder than words. I highly recommend Professor Laura as a speaker who takes a mind and heart approach and to that end, she inspires practical action and real change by beginning with creating spaces to hear ourselves and others without prejudice, interruption, and with integrity."
Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE
Professional International Public Speaker and Executive Coach at Beacon Organisational Development Ltd

Total Value Over £34,000

Total cost TODAY for the Tame to Trailblazer programme

Stop playing Tame!

£500 DEPOSIT to secure your place

Balance to be paid by

INSTALMENTS OVER 6 MONTHS or direct payment or invoice in full