History is made...Herstory begins

Here at the RCN congress I am almost moved to tears. For the first time in its history, RCN member have voted for a Black president. It marks a great turning point in nursing. Not simply because of the diversity which is now represented at the highest levels of this professional body. But because it signifies that “at last” the importance of selecting a candidate who can represent nursing looked beyond the visible differences that often separate us. Cecilia story is ALL our stories – one of a frontline nurse who has spent the majority of her nursing life working, supporting family and championing our profession by ‘doing’, giving the best of herself and more of her time for those in need. 

She leads by example showing us that leadership happens from the back as well as the front of the queue. As she takes the stand and accepts the new chapter in her professional life -the strength in her commitment as a year shines through – she charges us all “not to let the critics drown out our voices” her call to action is “We are nurses, WE are the nursing team!!”  My heart swells at the rousing ovation she received.

‘WE are nurses’ bound together in care and caring. No matter how we do our nursing now  or where we started from’

This is the central point of our new president. History is made with her starting …’Her-story’, and Ours begins today