Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!

I am excited about the start to 2015 – Not least because it starts with a visit to Florida USA. I will be speaking at The Qualitative Report 6th Annual conference in Fort Lauderdale. This will be my first visit to Florida (very welcome as the temperature drops in UK!). This will be the first presentation of research relating to my ‘Silences Framework’ in the USA. I developed the Theoretical framework for conducting research into sensitive issues from marginalised perspectives following my PhD in 2004. It took 6 years of reflection, thinking and re-writing before The Silences Framework was first published in 2010. This visit marks a milestone in developing the Framework beyond my own thoughts. My only regret is that my friend and colleague Dr Martin Glynn who completed this first research project is unable to join me. I aim to do his hard work proud.

I will also be meeting nursing students and faculty in the region, including The University of Central Florida during my visit. I have maintained contact with the National League for Nursing since my visit to the USA last year as part of my Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship. The NLN, particularly Dr Beverley Malone (former General Secretary of the RCN, UK) and Dr Virginia Adams, have been invaluable in helping me make contact with Nursing Schools in the region. I would recommend any nurses traveling to USA to contact them for information and support.

Well I think that’s enough for today….. I have a suitcase to find and insect repellant to buy